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Dan. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I think Andy did it. Or maybe Deb. Those pills she had in her pocket. Mmhm. Everyone is out to get him!


Who is the crazy stalker who IMed Peyton?

Brooke. Why? GRRrr.

Awesome season finale.

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ya I was thinking Andy too right then laying in bed going back thru the nights events, I wonder if maybe it was Keith, but the shot they show the person is pretty short, and andy is short if not him then who? one of the girls maybe? Maybe a double team by Deb and Andy?
I think it was Andy too, because I mean, Karen kept trying to call him at his hotel or whatever to see if he had checked in, but he wasn't there, even when she was on her way. So maybe it was him! I was thinking maybe Nathan because it was kind of suspicious how he showed up at his parents' house right after that scene and said he had something to take care of. But I'm leaning more towards Andy. But since Deb had the pills, I think she had a lot to do with what happened to Dan...Maybe Andy did help her, I dunno though.

I don't know who was iming Peyton! It's driving me nuts! Maybe Niki, but why would she be doing it? I dunno...And is that really her mom!?!?

I thought it was sssooooo funny when Brooke walked in on Lucas taking a shower, and she's like you're taking a cold shower!? hahahahahahahah...Lucas is so cute *melts*

When does the show start back up again?
well i thought it could have been Jules or Nathan.

THe person had black sleeves

Nathan was wearing a black shirt.

omg! i never thought about jules! but yeah, she actually is a great candidate for trying to kill dan! hehehe, you're good with the black sleeves and all!